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More about Antique Toys & Dolls

Antique Toys & Dolls
Store Strandstræde 20
1255 København K
Phone.: +45 3312 6632

Email: info@antique-toys.dk

Shop hours:Tuesday to Friday : 14 pm to 17.30 pm
Or call for an appointment!

Birgit   Peter

Copenhagen antique Toys and Dolls was founded in 1990 by Birgit Muusmann and Peter Gamdrup with the aim of selling and sourching for fine examples of antique toys, dolls, dollhouses and miniatures to collectors worldwide. The antique toys,dolls and dollhouses dating from 1780 up to 1960.
Peter and Birgit have been participating in toy shows in Europe and America since 1980

Birgit and Peter started collecting toys in 1980, while Peter was working as a soziologist and Birgit as a psychologist.

Peter decided in the 90-ties to concentrate full time on toys. Peter is the owner of the company, while Birgit is still working as a psychologist and enjoy the toy world in her spare time. Peter is specializing in early tin toys, Birgit in early dolls, dollhouses and miniatures.

Copenhagen antique Toys and dolls have an old-fashioned shop in the central Copenhagen in a building from the 17 century in a historic area. Located near the Royal palace Amalienborg and the idyllic habour Nyhavn-an area, that you should not miss, when visiting Copenhagen. You can find our shop on the attached card below.

And do not hesitate to call us for an appointment .

Inventory items changes almost daily. If you are looking for a special piece or would like additional information, feel free to contact us. We also speak German.

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Antique Toys & Dolls · St. Strandstræde 20 · DK-1255 Copenhagen K · Phone: +45 3312 6632