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Empress Eugenia. early small Parian doll dollhous doll

EUR: 390,00
Kategorie: Antike Puppenstuben-Puppen
10,2 cm/ 4,2" is this lovely Parian doll-made as a portrait after of Empress Eugenia. Ca 1870. Pale untinted bisque parian with hair in snood.Gold and purple luster band across of head and white feather detail molded on the side.Lovely face with excellent modeling. Lovely eyes , fine small rosebud mouth.She has a muslin body and Parian lower limps. She is dressed in her original antique dress . You can find more information about her in "Dolls: The Early Years 1780-1880" by Florence Theriault. and in the book "China, Parian, and Bisque German Dolls by Lydia Richter. Made by Kister Germany ca 1860. A lovely doll in a very special small size.
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