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An elegant Parian lady with a fine coiffure.

EUR: 995,00
Kategorie: Antike glasierte Porzellankopfpuppen und Parian-Puppen (1840-1870)
This elegant lady is a large early Parian doll dating from ca 1870. Beautiful blond molded hairwith curls, a bow molded at the back and a black hairband.Lovely painted eyes.Pierced ears for earrings. The untinted bisque is in flawless condition and with lovely detailed painting. Her shoulder head is on her original cloth body with kid lower arms. The doll is in perfect condition. Nice old dress-a two-piece beige "Afternoon dress with a fur muff around her neck to warm her hands.. An elegant doll for your collection of early dolls! Size 57cm/ 22,5".
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