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A Beautiful Set of Parlor Room Furniture-by by Söhlke or Badeuille .

EUR: 1.255,00
Kategorie: Antike Puppenstubenmöbel
This highly decorative set of carved furniture was made by either Söhlke or Badeuille for the parlor room. 9 Pieces: The display cabinet, the upholsteted lovely sofa, two arms chairs and 4 side chairs and a foot rest . totally 9 pieces.The furniture is painted natuaral wood, decorated with a fabric of a cream background with small little flowers and birds. very lovely. This fabric is seen on Söhlke furniture, Germany as well as on Badeuille furniture France. There is trim work around the furniture made by dresden paper, an more solid at the top of the furniture -the backs of the chairs and sofa. The furniture was made ca 1870´80 Measurements. Sofa: 18 cm Wx 8 H. Arm chairs- 3,1(3"h./ 8 cm Side chairs- 3 1/3"h/8 cm Display cabinet- 6,5"" h/16,5 cm Sofa- 3 1/3 h. x 7 w./18 cm x 8 cm
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