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19" (48 cm)Milliners Model-empire doll with extremely rare hairdo.

EUR: 2.200,00
Kategorie: Antike Papiermachépuppen und Holzpuppen (1750-1860)
19"/48 cm Milliners Model.Wonderful early empire paper machee doll/papier machee- so called Milliners model. Made of papier machee .Kidbody all hand made in Sonnenberg, Germany about 1830-40.Coiffure like the rare Kistner china! Slim waist. . This is really a piece of history to your doll collection. She is lovely. Her hairdo is great. Long modeled ringlets at the side and the hair is put in abraided bun at the back of her head. The papie mache is not broken in anyway. Her body is great. Her dress is also antique and all origional- to her- a red and white cotton dress with buttons on the back.. Very nice and clean,Wonderful condition. I would say a MINT doll. She comes from a museum in Scandinavia.No restouration or repairs! A great doll for your collection of early rare dolls!! Lots of underwear.Made in Germany about 1830. See other pictures.Email me for more information. Wonderful condition! Do Email me for more information!!! Made by Voigt Germany. See also Papier mache doll by Christiane Gräfnitz. Do email me for additional information about this rarity!
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