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All-Original Autoperipatikos mechanical doll.

EUR: 1.950,00
Kategorie: Puppenautomaten und Spieldosen
12"Autoperipatetikos mechanical doll.Ca 1850. This walking dollis a wonderful rare exampel of these dolls. She has a papermache head with fine painted features. Lovely pink dress trimmed with lace black molded hair bands All original and in great condition. The doll is on a cardboard base with the patent marking (see picture). In the 19th century there were many examples in making a walking doll. The most famous of these, patented in America in the middle of the century was this kind of doll. They could be made to walk on their own either by being wound up or by the action of a lever. This is a great working examble.Wonderful condition.28 cm.12" All-Original Autoperipatikos original and functional condition, fully marked with original patent info on base.
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