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French Sculpture of dogs.

EUR: 130,00
Kategorie: Puppenhaus Garten-Miniaturen
A pair of French Sculpture of dogs made of a kind of rough bisque, that is more "windblown" in the bisque material. They are made in France about 1880-90.. Marked SF. ( for SOICIETE FRANCE). H of the dog sculpture is 3 3/4". The base is 1/4" x 1 1/2". It is really nice and also the "windblown" structure of the bisque as they have been outdoor for a century- looks good as an outdoor piece for your garden or sunroom. very decorative. Remark: These figures are more flat ( they are surely 3-dimensional-but they are made for sculpturing, not like a pet). They are lovely.All original no repairs. The price is for the pair.
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