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Sjældent Rock og Graner dukkestue møblement.Dagligstue 5 dele. Ca 1850

15.500,00 kr.
Kategori: Gamle Dukkestue møbler
I have been lucky to find some rare pieces of early Rock and Graner Cardboard/wood furniture.This is the a Parlor room set that matches the bedroom set The furniture is simmular to the tin furniture in shape and finish and is rare seen. Today I will show the Parlor set, which has 5 pieces: A sofa, three chairs and a wonderful turtle shaped table on a pedestal with four sprawling legs. made ca 1860.The painting is made to simulate wood and is strong and stable. The sofa and chairs a upholstered in red with fabric to reinforce the back on all chairs and sofa.The chairs have legs made of tin.(Original) The furniture was preserved well, so each piece is lovely and the condition excellent. Size of sofa: L. 13 cm and 8 cm cmH.. ( 5 1/4" x 3". Table H. 8 cm L. 12 cm w. 8,2 cm Chair h. 10 cm. Rare pieces.In Excellent condition.
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