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Paddy and the dancing Pig. Tin toy from Lehmann EPL 500.

EUR 1.390,00
Category: Antique Tinplate Mechanical Toy Figures
Paddy the dancing Pig from Lehmann,Germany(# 500). A wind up toy.Germany, comical depiction of Irishman mounted on pig wearing circus skirt, hand painted, tin Lehmann, tag on blanket, figure in fabric outfit. 6" l. All original, (Pristine Cond.).The clothes are original.God condition. L= 14,5 cm/5,5 inch. Literature: Heike Köhler og Katharina Kreschel,Von Störischer Esel zum Kletteraffen Tom.Brandenburger Museumshefte 6,Brandenburg an der Havel 2007. Jürgen & Marianne Clieslik,Lehmann Toys,The History of E.P.Lehmann,New Carvendish Books,1982. Helmut Schwarz og Marion Faber,Moving Times,Ernst Paul Lehmann Patentwerk,,History on a Toy Factory,Toy Museum Nürnberg 2003...
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