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French Spitz Dog Candy container, 1880

EUR 405,00
Category: Candy containers
High: 22 cm/9”. Long:33cm/13 1/2” Candy container. French Whithe Spitz dog from ca 1880,with swivel moveable head and with inset dark glass eyes,wooden nose and stiched arround the nose..This wonderful dog is covered with fluffy fur -cream colored over paper mache. Has inset dark glass eyes,black wooden nose and stiched arround the nose. Take a look of the photos! The dog is in fine condition all over a lttle dusty! And the fur is in wonderful condition, Minor fur lost at the mouth area at one side.Size of the dog : High: 22 cm/9”. Long:33cm/13 1/2” The head can be taken off. A very special item for the collector of exclusive accessories. And for the doll!
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