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Antique "Queen Anne" or early "Georgian" , carved wooden doll.

EUR 7.500,00
Category: Antique Papier-mâché/Paper-Mache Dolls and Wooden dolls (1750-1860)
21" / 52 cm is this impressive English lady! Large all original wooden Queen Ann doll from 1770.Made of wood, jointed at hips and knees and with original fork hands. Her lovely head is painted gesso over wood with inset pupilles enamel eyes, stippled brows and lashes, blushed cheeks, smiling red heart shaped mouth, pointed nostrils, a fine real hair wig blushing cheeks, Her wig is original f.Head and torso carved in one piece with legs jointed at hips and knees, which allows her to stand or sit.Fork like hands fastened with fabric.. She dressed in an antique fabric gown with hat in style of period, as with most of these dolls, there is some typical crazing, loss of gesso 21" h (52 cm) She is in a very good condition considering her age. Please feel free to email me for more details or call me. info@antique-toys.dk Tel. +4535426632 . Not easy to resist if you love early dolls or primitive folk art. Georgian Wooden, circa 1770, will instantly reign supreme in your doll room. This example has personality – Features include a noble, pert nose, inset enamel eyes, stippled brows and lashes, blushed cheeks, a wonderful hair wig (a fashion of her day) Her body is of the classic wooden variety – lathe turned, with articulations at the knees, and her carved wood arms are attached
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